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16 October 2014

Wayward – Ugetsu EP

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Since the release of their debut single ‘Love Jones’ at the end of 2013, the Wayward boys have been holed up in their home studio; writing, recording and getting ready to step things up a gear in 2014 including a number of shows, kicking off with a recent appearance at Glastonbury as well as the release of their new “EP entitled Ugetsu” out on Black Butter Records.

With their Balearic and soulful rhythms leading their approach to dance music, Wayward are outlining the intelligent end of producing arresting house tracks. With new and old releases such as Love Jones on Aesop Records, remixes for Joel Compass, and of course the most recent aforementioned EP, the forward thinking London duo pack punch, elegance, and class into their production.

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