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25 November 2015

RÜFÜS – Innerbloom

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Deep Feels From RÜFÜS With Latest Effort

The Australian trio have come together once again to create a sonically cathartic magic in which we can escape the duress and monotony of the working week. Deeper, dance heavy vibes but done so with an edginess that only a band as talented as RÜFÜS could concoct. A freeing sensation seems to sweep over the speakers as “Innerbloom” pours itself into the air with gentle vocals and captivating synth melodies and soft synths. The single comes from their 2nd album entitled, “Bloom” which will be available by worldwide release on Jan 22 and needless to say, speaks loudly of the group and the creative space in which they are currently in. Pre-order the album to download Innerbloom today:

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