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11 June 2015

Playless – Believe EP

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“Following the release of his debut ‘Closer’ EP, Alex Ferrer is back again as Playless with ‘Believe’ EP, a two track release on Azuli. Driven by its deep synthesized bassline and groovy vocal hooks title track ‘Believe’ is made for the dancefloor. With its synth heavy layers and 4/4 composition, ‘Believe’ will unmistakably play out as a club banger. ‘I’ll House You’ emits a sound that’s becoming signature to Alex Ferrer’s style as Playless. The track combines an old school Chicago-house vibe through its vocals with an up to date production sound. The heavily synthesized vocal eventually becomes the track’s bassline. With a distinct build up – drop composition, ‘I’ll House You’ is a dance floor production that will bang heavy and make clubbers move.”

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