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26 September 2015

Eats Everything feat Tiga & Audion – Dancing

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Absolutely mental track that people just can’t get enough of. Dance floors around the globe have been getting down to this for a minute now and we are happy share it with you.

Here is the story behind the track straight from the man himself, Eats EverythingDancing was born from playing at Bugged Out Weekender a few year back. I was playing my version of Ron Costa – Gez Uri & Breach had given me a copy of his track, Jack. I think I was one of the first to have it & I just stuck the Jack vocal over the Ron Costa thing on the fly & when it dropped the place went mental. From that shit loads of people kept sending me videos asking what this track was etc so I thought fuck it, went into the studio & fucked about more with the Ron Costa record & put the Jack vocal on top & made into an edit which became the highlight of mine & a lot of my DJ friends sets. Forward on a year & Tiga & Audion – Lets Go Dancing had just surfaced & it was massive. Jack was obviously a chart song by then so I had stopped playing it. I heard Lets Go Dancing & thought aha, this could replace the Jack vocal!! So I messaged the lovely Tiga, asked for the acapella & he obliged. I went back in the studio, edited the Jack track with the Tiga vocal & the behemoth was born. That was way over a year ago & it’s been going mad in my sets & lots of other people’s. So many people have been asking for this record so Disclosure & The Method boys came up with a plan to release it. All parties involved, Ron Costa, Tiga & Audion have all made the process of getting this record out to the people & now it’s here & I hope people like it!

There you have it folks, enjoy this song and check out the pre-order here!

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